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THE VINTAGE COSMETIC COMPANY Smokey Eye trio Set de brochas


Nadie puede resistir unos ojos ahumados. Estrellas de la pantalla plateada han estado usando este look por años y lo aman. Nuestro ser de brochas para ojos ahumados contiene 3 brochas para los ojos que te ayudan a difuminar, mezclar y aplicar colores fácilmente para obtener un máximo impacto.

  • Brocha para sombras
  • Brocha para sombra angular
  • Brocha para manchar/smudge sombras

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THE VINTAGE COSMETIC COMPANY – Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set – Step1, step 2, step 3

Duo de brochas de alta gama


The Vintage Cosmetic Company

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my fascination with Vintage began. Over the years my obsession with the elegance and style of the Forties and Fifties has grown … and grown. As fashion’s change and evolve, for me the period has been one constant – the full skirts, the red lips, the perfectly sculpted brows and the innocent, wide eyes. Particularly the eyes. It was a lost art form.   Standing in front of the displays dominating the high-streets, it was clear that the market was saturated with eye-lashes. Long, short, thick, thin … the choice was endless. I, however, couldn’t see anything that was for me. The majority of the strip lashes available were for party girls. Or for girls who wanted to stand out. They didn’t evoke memories of old Hollywood glamour. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Jean Harlow – looks that have defined an era and remain iconic today. Looks that have continued to inspire today’s big screen stars such as Cate Blanchett, artists like Dita Von Teese and The X-Files star Gillian Anderson.   I was inspired to create a range of products for me. A product that offers something unique in the market. A product that would pay tribute to old-Hollywood and harks back to the glamour and charm of the 1950s, but one that serves the everyday beauty needs of women everywhere. My goal with The Vintage Cosmetic Company is to offer a range of high quality beauty accessories with a unique, feminine personality. A range that combines affordability, efficacy and elegance.   I felt there was a gap in the market for strip lashes in soft and feminine packaging that would enhance what nature has given you, but still looked natural and would be comfortable to wear. All day or all night.   My products exemplify a feminine charm that’s synonymous with brands such as Cath Kidston, E Coudray and Orla Keily – strong, bold designs that have a unique personality and stand out.   The Vintage Cosmetic Company was born. Launching with lashes that have a transformative power. It’s not about harking back to the past, but celebrating the beauty of women and helping them to accentuate their best features.   The success of the lashes quickly led to the expansion of the product range into tweezers and curlers; essentials for easy application.   The Vintage Cosmetic Company now has over 60 products in the market and our ethos when adding new lines is professional products in beautiful packaging. A premium brand at an affordable price.   I remain forever fascinated by the transformative power of make-up and hopefully my products give every woman an opportunity to express their individuality.


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